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Two partners with 20 years of experience in the sector merged in 2020. Istanbul-based Network-OA is also in London to sign national and international projects. They’ve moved over their branches.

Network-OA; It is an architectural and application office that serves in the field of architecture and interior architecture, designs building products and spaces, produces solutions, offers preferences and manages different disciplines and leads you to the right conclusions. Network-OA; He has undertaken many projects in different fields such as Housing Projects, Hotel, Restaurant, Store, Office, Clinic, Factory administrative buildings, house, villa, residential, business center, etc..

For them, each Project requires a different approach and this is supported by the design currents applied towards the space. They follow trends and building technologies around the world. They focus on our customers, understand what they want, share examples with them, blend our own interpretations and their dreams. Flexible, Simple, Durable, Useful, Aesthetics, Detail, quality is important, we have an environmental style. They like to add emotion to the spaces. They’re chasing the different and beautiful. For them, each project is a new excitement and the mark we will leave on the world.

They dream of not just the present but also the future. They blend different cultures and integrate art into our living. They are cognizant of change and responsive to the novelties that time brings along. They create uniquely timeless designs. As They rebuild their modern culture, They dream of a unique and timeless design and achieve that by creating functional and aesthetic interior spaces with sophisticated architectural touches.

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