London based Network Global, Inc. is a consulting firm that provides customized solutions for businesses and entrepreneurs in a variety of business and legal aspects. We rely upon the years of experience our partners and associates possess in the business, real estate and legal fields – which allows us to provide high quality, reliable multidisciplinary services. Network Global provides full range of Global Mobility Services for employees and corporations looking to relocate to Turkey and UK.

Founded in 2004, Network Global has been serving some of the world’s leading corporations. Establishing and maintaining strong relationships with Authorities and ensuring the optimization of resources for our clients is vital. Network Global team understands the key challenges  expats face when relocating to a new country.

In the business arena, we assist our clients in choosing and forming the most effective business entity forms for their specific goals (such as corporation, limited liability companies and partnerships, etc.); to obtain adequate financing for their projects; to acquire all the required licenses and permits

to proceed with their business plans; to create, manage and nurture strategic relationships with other domestic and international organizations and government agencies, that allow our clients to leverage those partners’ expertise, technology, and intellectual property to expand their products, services, functionality, and/or market reach. As a part of our services, we offer business development options for foreign small businesses and entrepreneurs looking to establish their presence in the Turkey, as well as provide on-site assistance of native-speaking business specialists when entering foreign markets.

In the legal field, we concentrate on the following areas: business immigration, foreign investments, real estate, administrative, contracts, labor and employment law, and domestic corporate compliance.

Our strength lies in our passion and dedication for providing expats a comprehensive service and our commitment to quality. Network Global distinguishes itself from its competitors by building a personal relationship with its clients and serving them as a single point of contact.