Elit Consept Project in Istanbul


At the center of life, in the middle of Istanbul

With a spectacular all-round view of the Princes’ Islands, the sea and Istanbul… With a location easily accessible regardless of wherever you come from… With 75% social facilities and landscape area ratio that ends your yearning for nature in the middle of city… With 26 commercial areas on the avenue bazaar that interprets the pleasure of shopping in a brand-new way… With 785 houses including apartment options such as 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 4+1 appealing to different tastes and expectations in 3 blocks rising on an area of 24,000 m2, a brand-new and elite concept in the most beautiful place of Kadıköy…

We know: everybody has got a life concept
So does Kadıköy, the heart of the Anatolian side

Opposite the scenery, at the center of a pleasure


The islands in row on one side, surrounded by the endless blue of the Marmara, the eye-catching silhouette of the historical peninsula on the other side, and Çamlıca on another side… Wherever you look at here, another silhouette and splendid view of Istanbul awaits you. The 90% glass panoramic facade architecture allows watching this scenery without interruption.

Beyond expectations, in the middle of convenience

When you are not at home, regardless of whether you are about to arrive home or anywhere in the city, whether you are out of the city or halfway around the world, you can control your home as you wish with a single touch of your finger. To do this, you need nothing but a smart phone or tablet PC connected to the internet.

At the center of shopping, in the middle of needs…

Without bustling around with shopping bags in your hands, without wasting time in traffic jam… A little shopping, a little walking and a little talking in the café, and you are at home after a brief walk after your shopping. This is exactly the shopping concept that awaits you in Elite Concept… In the shops on the bazaar avenue, located at the grounds of the blocks, all needs and brands from clothes to foods, from pharmacy to market, from bank branches to ATMs will come together.

Does considering the nature ensure saving?

Here, the answer is obviously yes! The need for water to irrigate all landscape areas and to use in the toilet tanks in Elite Concept will be met by the gray water treatment system treating the rain water as well as the water used in bathrooms, kitchens and lavatories. Besides, solar energy will be used to meet the lighting and hot water needs of the common areas through solar panels. Saving to be achieved through such applications will naturally ensure a reduction in the estate maintenance charges. And obviously, you will have a share in a more livable future.

At the hub of roads, at the junction of transportation advantages…

Private car, metro, metrobus, bus or ferry… Whatever means you use to come, all roads lead to Elite Concept in Kadıköy. Elite Concept, rising at the junction point of not only highways but also different transportation alternatives, is rather assertive for eliminating the transportation problem for you thanks to its central location. Just think about it; after leaving your home, you can get to Bosphorus Bridge in 5-6 minutes, Baghdad Avenue and Kadıköy coast in 6-7 minutes, and Sabiha Gökçen Airport in 20-25 minutes.If this is not convenience, what is convenience then?

In the focus of gain, at the center of investment

Nowadays, Kadıköy-Fikirtepe is a favorite location for real estate investors, not only in Turkey but all over the world. An elite investment concept in the most beautiful place of Kadıköy-Fikirtepe, which will create a Manhattan effect in Istanbul, so to speak with its avenues, stores, shopping and fashion culture, life trends and broad roads after it is completed. Thanks to its accessible position, central location and view allowing seeing all around Istanbul, Elite Concept is an investment concept that promises high gains in short term for those thinking big in investment. Therefore, you are not wrong in regarding Elite Concept as a lucrative and correct investment for the future, not just a living project.

Right next to anywhere you can go…


Kadıköy Coast: The distance you will cover to pass from one continent to another, breathe some sea air, meet your beloveds, or to be alone with yourself and rest your head is just 4 km.


Bahariye Avenue: Bahariye Avenue, one of the most beautiful avenues of Istanbul where you can enjoy a walk accompanied by the bells of the nostalgic street car, is just 5-6 minutes away.


Moda Coast: Just 10-12 minutes in traffic will suffice to get to Moda coast, one of the most delighting coasts of Istanbul, where you can run opposite the islands for healthy life, or breathe some sea air and rest your head.


Kalamış Marina: The blue-flagged Kalamış Marina, from where you can put out to unique blue of Marmara in your private boat or yacht when you are tired of hurly burly and stress of daily life, is just 4 km away.

Baghdad Avenue: You are just 6-7 minutes away from Baghdad Avenue that is one of the limited centers not only of Istanbul and Turkey but of the world for its cafés, stores, shopping, life and entertainment culture.

Education and Health Institutions: Istanbul’s most important educational institutions preparing the individuals of the future for life with their expert academic staffs are very near to you. Istanbul Civilization University , Marmara University (Göztepe and Haydarpaşa Campuses), Doğuş University, Doğuş High School and Istanbul Anatolian Science High School are just a few of these educational institutions. We wish you never need, but if you ever need emergency medical treatment, you can get to the most important hospitals of Turkey by car in a few minutes. Göztepe Training and Research Hospital, Medipol Acıbadem, Acıbadem, Medical Park, Siyami Ersek and Haydarpaşa Numune hospitals are just a few of these institutions.

Shopping Malls: When you start to live in Elite Concept, you have numerous options to make shopping for yourself or your home. Optimum Outlet, Nautilus and Akasya Shopping Malls, which bring local and foreign brands together, and CARREFOURSA KOZYATAĞI for your basic domestic needs and BAUHAUS for construction materials are just a few minutes away from your house by car.

In the heart of the Anatolian side, in the middle of Istanbul…


Kadıköy has different meaning and importance for everybody… For some, it is the once gate of Anatolia opening to Istanbul with its historical railway station… For others, it is the unique melody of life, created by the horns of the ferries approaching the quay mixed with the seagull screams… For some it is the pleasure of shopping on Baghdad Avenue or renowned Tuesday Market… For others, it is running ashore opposite the islands for healthy life… The pleasure of walking on a long and thin avenue accompanied by the bells of the nostalgic street car… Its yellow, its dark blue, its bull, its Moda, junction of the roads and the rendezvous point of lovers… Kadıköy: the center of entertainment, culture, shopping, investment and obviously life… In the heart of the Anatolian side, in the middle of Istanbul…



  • name: Didem Kazanasmaz
  • phone: 5323770227
  • Year built: 2019
  • Type: Apartment
  • Sold: No
  • Contract: Sale
  • Location: Istanbul
  • Home area: 169 sqft
  • Material: Block
  • Rooms: 3
  • Beds: 3
  • Baths: 2
  • Garages: 1


  • Air conditioning
  • Balcony
  • Bedding
  • Cable TV
  • Cleaning after exit
  • Cofee pot
  • Computer
  • Cot
  • Dishwasher
  • DVD
  • Fan
  • Fridge
  • Grill
  • Hairdryer
  • Heating
  • Hi-fi
  • Internet
  • Iron
  • Juicer
  • Lift

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+90 532 3770227

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